Alex Katz’s work is distinguished by generative engagements with the worlds of dance, theater, literature, and fashion. Friends and collaborators from across these fields form the rich creative community that has surrounded the artist since the mid-century, and is pictured throughout the retrospective Alex Katz: Gathering. This half-day program explores the dynamics of interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange. Taking as its frame of reference Katz’s boundary-crossing partnerships over the last seven decades with poets, dancers, directors, and designers, the event will consist of panel discussions featuring Sarah Crowner, Kevin Lotery, and Shantell Martin on Katz's dance and theater work; Andrew Durbin, Shahzia Sikander, and Ivy Wilson on the exchange between visual art and poetry; and poetry readings by John Godfrey, Vincent Katz, Eileen Myles, Ron Padgett, and Anne Waldman.

The program will conclude with an after-hours viewing of Alex Katz: Gathering exclusively for program attendees.

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