Pop Surrealism - Catalogues - Shahzia Sikander

"Pop Surrealism" highlights the recent explosion of pop-influenced surrealist art from an emerging generation of artists and a few key senior figures who have influenced their work. Designed in a special pocket format, this intriguing book offers a primer on the confluence of pop and surrealist iconography, and features work by over seventy artists, including Gregory Crewdson, Mariko Mori, Ashley Bickerton, Art Spiegelman, Tony Oursler, and Cindy Sherman. The book's informative essays consider such varied topics as the relation between comics and surrealism, Hollywood and surrealism, and the image of the grotesque body. Reviewing the exhibition for "ArtForum," Steven Henry Madoff wrote: "The mutant sensibility at work in this droll, smartly curated exhibition proposes the marriage of Surrealism's dream-laden fetish for the body eroticized and grotesque and Pop art's celebration of the shallower, corrosively bright world given over the packaged good."

Nahas, Dominique., Klein, Richard., Schaffner, Ingrid. Pop Surrealism: June 7-August 30, 1998, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art. United States: The Museum, 1998.


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