Ideas and Futures: A Collaborative for Just and Vibrant Futures

Ideas & Futures


Ideas and Futures:  A Collaborative for Just and Vibrant Societies is a non-profit dedicated to fostering collaborative, international intellectual and creative approaches to contemporary crises of polity, society, democracy and imagination in relation to ongoing struggles for dignity, freedom and sustainability.  We believe that the humanities are vital to these discussions and advocate vigorously for their capacity to contribute to the most pressing social questions, urgencies and debates.  We value and encourage experimental work that crosses boundaries of media, discipline and nations.

We hold seminars on a variety of topics spanning the arts and literature, social transformation, migration, international cooperation, labor and the quality of life, as well as environmental and economic sustainability.  We also foster collaborative research groups comprising academics, artists, activists and anyone who wants to think collaboratively on a number of themes especially social justice, equality, citizenship and the role of arts and humanities in society, and enable collaborations between national and international scholars, artists, activists and thinkers.  We are proud to be part of a large group of advisors and collaborators committed to such work.

The Ideas and Futures e-platform is open-source dedicated to making such work available to all.

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