Form and Formless: Constellations of Knowledge

UrbanGlass, Brooklyn, New York

October 18, 2023 – January 5, 2024

Demarcation, 2017, glass mosaic

Press Release

The diverse works from eighteen artists will be installed throughout the gallery to eschew singular storytelling and instantiate multiple narratives for our fourth and final exhibition of 2023. Taking as its point of departure the fact that glass as a material fluctuates between solid and liquid, Form and Formless meditates on the slipperiness rather than the fixity of categories of identity (such as gender, sexuality, and race, among others). The show presents artworks featuring glass, textiles, watercolors, paintings, projections, audio experience, and beyond, covering every surface of the Robert Lehman Gallery. The works are meant to cohere into constellations of knowledge metaphorically and then unravel and connect with other works to create different meanings, only for the process to begin again. In this way, the curatorial framework embodies the major theme of the entire year: "Forever Becoming". The exhibition includes works by Tsohil Bhatia, Paper Buck, Max Colby, Amy Cousins, Deborah Czeresko, Genevieve De Leon, Carmel Dor, Meg Dyer, Angel Favorite, Chitra Ganesh, Julia Kwon, Jessi Li, Ren Mahon, Abbey Muza, Wojciech Puś, Andrea Ray, Katie Shulman, and Shahzia Sikander. More participants will be involved in our upcoming public programming.

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